State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Information

The following projects have information available:

          Project 201800080, GP-007, Water System Improvements, Village of Depew and Town of West Seneca, posted 11-27-2018

          Project 201800079, CPL-004, Water System Improvements on Ledge Lane, Town of Clarence, posted 10-26-2018

          Project 201800135, Water System Improvements on Warsaw Street, Village of Depew, posted 7-23-18

          Project 201800074, W-030, 36-inch Transmission Main south of Ball PS, Town of Amherst, posted 3-20-2018

          Project 201800081, WSA-013, 2018-2019 Large Valve Replacement Project, Various Municipalities, posted 3-20-2018

          Project 201800075, CH-010, Water System Improvements on Cayuga Creek Road, Town of Cheektowaga, posted 3-20-2018

          Project 201700087, EA-011, Water System Improvements, City of Tonawanda and Amherst, posted 12-13-17

          Project 201700091, CH-009, Water System Improvements, Cheektowaga, West Seneca, Hamburg, Lackawanna and Blasdell, posted 10-30-17

          Project 201700173, Water System Improvements on Violet and Trellis, Town of Amherst, posted 10-27-2017

          Project 201700088, WSA-12, Water System Improvements in Amherst and Cheektowaga, posted 10-27-2017

          Project 201700201, Water System Improvements on Raymond and Ludwig, Town of Cheektowaga, posted 10-2-2017

          Project 201700178, Water System Improvements on Cornell St, Town of Hamburg, posted 10-2-2017

          Project 201700175, Water System Improvements on Dover Rd, Town of Hamburg, posted 9-11-2017

          Project 201700147, Water System Improvements on Koch, City of Tonawanda, posted 9-11-2017

          Project 201700145, Water System Improvements on Hancock Terr, Town of Amherst, posted 9-11-2017

          Project 201700144, Water System Improvements on Argus Dr, Village of Depew, posted 9-11-2017

          Project 201700114, Water System Improvements on Houston St, Village of Depew, posted 9-11-2017

          Project 201700080, Water System Improvements on E Overlook, Town of Clarence, posted 9-11-2017

          Project 201700090, NC-036, Water System Improvements in Cheektowaga and Clarence, NY, posted 9-6-2017

          Project 201700093, 36-Inch Transmission Main, Amherst, NY, posted 6-21-2017

Any questions reguarding SEQR information please contact Terrence D. McCracken, Secretary to the Authority 295 Main St., Room 350, Buffalo, NY 14203-2415. All questions or requests for additional information must be submitted in writing.